Hiring a Virtual Assistant – Is It Time?


Could it be time to hire a Virtual Assistant? Are you a busy entrepreneur, trying to stay above water with your crazy schedule and work load? If you answer yes to any or all of the questions below, it may be time to consider hiring a Virtual Assistant:

*Do you handle all of your daily, weekly or monthly administrative tasks on your own, only to have little time to concentrate on your core business, such as selling or marketing?

*Do you know you need to have more of a presents on Social Media but you either don’t have the time or the interest to keep up with your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts?

*Do you know there are some tasks that you could easily pass on to someone else to handle for you, such as scheduling, contact management or social media, but you don’t feel like anyone else can do it the way you want it handled?

*Are you worried that hiring a VA would cost you too much, or that you couldn’t possibly have enough work to give someone?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it may be time! There are so many advantages to hiring a Virtual Assistant:

*You don’t have to pay for medical insurance (he or she is responsible for their own insurance)

*You don’t have to pay for sick or vacation time – you only pay for the time worked!

*You don’t have to supply a VA with office space or any office equipment, as a Virtual Assistant already ¬† has a phone, a computer, and a home office!

*Most VAs will work at little at 5 hours per month, and will even work on a project-basis.

There are many, many more advantages to hiring a Virtual Assistant, but these are the main ones that small business owners and entrepreneurs worry about. Could it be your time?

If you have any questions about hiring a Virtual Assistant, I am happy to help! Please email me at keenkeysolutions@gmail.com

Have a great week!  -Lori



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